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New York State Defensive Driving Course
sponsored by American Safety, Inc. (#028)



New York State DMV approved Online Defensive Driving Course

Northeast Road Safety is proud to present to you the New York State DMV-approved course that entitles New York State licensed drivers to receive a 10% reduction in their auto insurance as well as reducing up to 4 points on your license.  New York Road Safety offers American Safety Institute's Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) to all New York state drivers.

What is “Defensive Driving”?

Defensive Driving is driving with an awareness of self-defense.  It is being cognizant of the possible errors that other drivers make and to be watchful of those errors, even anticipatory of those errors, and taking the appropriate actions to avoid possible potential accident situations.  It is also the avoidance of those same errors on the part of the ‘defensive driver’, and the separation of emotions and actions; emotions that can possibly lead to risk-taking driving habits.

What is the 6-Hour Defensive Driving Class?

The 6-Hour Defensive Driving Courses, aka the Point and Insurance Reduction Course or Accident Prevention Course, is a course made available by “Sponsoring Agencies” that are approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to offer the course to New York State licensed drivers.  The purpose of the course is to reduce insurance premiums, moving violation points and improve people’s attitudes with respect to driving, and thereby result in fewer road mishaps, injuries, and fatalities

 Who can take the 6-Hour Defensive Driving Course?

Any licensed New York State driver can take the course to reduce insurance premiums, points or just to refresh his or her knowledge of driving.

Why should I take the 6-Hour Point and Insurance Reduction Course?

You should take it for any or all of the above, to reduce your liability, collision and no-fault auto insurance; to reduce any accumulated points on your driving record; or just to refresh your driving knowledge.

How often can the 6-Hour Defensive Driving Course be taken?

You can take the course every 18 months for point reduction or every 3 years for the insurance discount.

What part of my auto insurance premium does the 6-Hour Point and Insurance Reduction Course reduce?

It reduces your liability, collision and no-fault auto insurance for all vehicles for which you are the principal operator.

How long does the insurance discount last?

The insurance discount lasts for 3 years.

How much do I save?

The insurance discount is 10%.

What does the 6-Hour Defensive Driving course do for moving violation “points”?

The 6-Hour Defensive Driving Course reduces up to 4 points on your license.

Does that mean any points that I received at any time in my driving career?

The point reduction applies to points received within the previous 18 months.

What exactly does “point reduction” mean?

“Point reduction” means that points are reduced on your driving record once the “11 point threshold” is met.

What is the “11 Point Threshold”?

If a driver accumulates 11 points (moving violation points) within any 18 month period their driving privileges will be suspended by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for 90 days.

Can you give me a hypothetical example of “point reduction”?

If a licensed driver has 4 moving violation points on their driving record in the last year for example, then they take the 6-Hour Point and Insurance Reduction Course and then sometime later get 7 more points (all the points within an 18-month period), making a total of 11 points, their license will not be suspended, because 4 of those points will have been reduced on their driving record by successful completion of the course.
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