Northeast Road Safety
New York State Defensive Driving Course
sponsored by American Safety, Inc. (#028)

The Course

The Point and Insurance Reduction Course offers the New York State driver:

Every licensed New York State driver who completes the 6-hour Defensive Driving Course will be eligible to receive a 10% reduction in their liability, no fault and collision insurance for 3 years provided they are the principal operator of their vehicle.

Up to 4 points reduced on your license.  Moving violation convictions almost invariably involve points being credited to your license. Up to 4 points will be reduced on your record.  This includes points that have accumulated in the 18-month period prior to taking the class.

The Defensive Driving Course acts not only as a refresher course for the experienced driver, but will add valuable knowledge about road safety to the average driver's repertoire.  Studies have indicated that people who have completed the Defensive Driving Course are statistically safer than drivers who haven't completed the course.
Mandatory 10% Auto Insurance Discount

Every New York licensed driver who owns at least one vehicle will receive a 10% Auto Insurance Discount on their liability, no-fault and collision insurance for every vehicle that they own.  The discount lasts for 3 full years.  The example below illustrates your savings:

If John Smith owns 3 vehicles and pays $2,000 per year per vehicle
Annual Insurance per vehicle:  $2,000 X 3 = $6,000/year
DDC 10% Discount per vehicle:  $200
Number of vehicles:                           3
Discount/year:                               $600
Total Savings over 3 years:  $600 X 3 = $1,800 Savings

The 6-Hour Defensive Driving Course for New York State drivers guarantees  -

  • A competent instructor with many years of teaching experience.
  • A friendly non-judgmental environment where people can ask relevant questions and share personal stories.
  • Your own workbook that allows you to refresh your memory between classes
  • Classroom videos that are up-to-date and educate the student on some of the most important issues of defensive driving.
  • Your completion certificate will be mailed to you via first-class mail.
  • the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is notified for point reduction.
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